Friday, June 20, 2014

While I may be barefoot in Boise.. Fairbanks will always be my home.
A small(er) town located in the heart of Alaska where -50 isn't abnormal in the winter and the sun literally doesn't set for most of the summer. 
I was born and raised hunting, wearing snowsuits to go trick-or-treating, peeing in outhouses, and regularly seeing moose in our front yard. Alaska is such a unique place and I just love it! 
Luckily I still get to go up there at least once a year (when it isn't -50!) and spend a week or two sharing the place I love most with the people I love most.
Me and Vivian will be spending two weeks in Fairbanks with my family so blogging might be sparse, except for the occasional photo-dump curtesy of my iPhone blogging skills ;)
I'm sure I'll post plenty on Instagram and Facebook so feel free to follow me there!

So from the City of Trees to the Land of the Midnight Sun we go!

1 comment:

  1. wow what a beautiful place!! i would love for the sun to stay up all summer! have a fabulous trip!!


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