AK Vacation- Part 1

Thursday, July 10, 2014
So two weeks later, we're back in Boise! I know I said I would try to update the blog while up there.. whoops!! So I'm just gonna do a photo dump (or two..) here and some light commentary :)

We had such a fun time visiting with family and friends, and I really felt like me and Vivian bonded even more. She did so well on the flights and I think the awesome people we got sat next to totally made all the difference. Traveling with a baby solo is tough, so any extra help along the way is much appreciated. Now, without further ado- Our Alaskan Adventure!

Saying bye to Daddy

First we stopped in Seattle for a few days to visit with my Grandpa and Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, and cousin! Not long enough, but it was still so nice to see them and some of them met Vivian for the first time. 

Vivian loved my grandparents, especially my grandpa who shared his ice cream ;)

It won't be too long before we're back, Seattle!

The flight up to Alaska wasn't bad at all (baby wise!) I had tried my best to keep Viv awake for she'd sleep on the plane but I failed, haha. She was awake the entire time but in a great mood. Tip for the mamas out there- get a dollar store slinky! It kept her entertained for a solid 30 mins or more :) 
No pictures from on the plane, because ain't nobody got time for that.

I'm in AK for a half hour, tops.. and I get the biggest mosquito bite right in the middle of my forehead! Haha, welcome to Alaska ;) 
Obviously in a better mood the next day after a coffee run.

Vivian walked around Old Navy like the owned the place haha

Pano at the cabin!
 Oh, we're not related at all ;)

The original 3!

First time doing an overhead pistol.

A lot of firsts on this trip- Baby's first 4-wheeler ride..

That she fell asleep on.

After all of the fun at the cabin we got to see our friends Bre and her perfect son Duke
and there was dance party.

So I'm gonna stop there, because I don't want to overwhelm you with any more awesomeness. I'll post some more a little later :)
Glad to be back home, but these pictures make me miss Alaska already!

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