Tandem Bikes, Planes, and Friends

Friday, September 14, 2012
We got the joyous news of our baby on August 5th, 2012. In the weeks leading up to that day Kevin and I were going about our lives as usual. Working out (hard..), going on trips, and competing in athletic competitions.

 Two weeks before finding out the (really) big news I went on a last minute trip to visit my friend Forrest in Anchorage where he was interning at for the summer. We went to go see a Brandi Carlile concert straight from the airport and basically held each other the entire time and cried (I would like to say it was because of the pregnancy hormones.. but I probably would have cried anyways, her music is powerful!). It was easily one of the best memories I've ever made. The rest of the weekend consisted of us being.. well us. Haha, shopping, eating, dancing, all while meeting some interesting people along the way.

Forrest and I on the tandem bike

Our dear friend Michael was also in Anchorage. 
It was so nice to hang out as a threesome again!

Should have figured out that I was pregnant when I had a hard time
getting into this squat! 

My best friend, Forrest

Watching airplanes

Hahaha! I love how professional Michael is. 
Also, how Forrest apparently didn't get the memo!

Best Photo of the day by far


Two gays. One bike.

I've always said Forrest was my "other soul mate". No matter how many miles or how many months separate us, when we're together it feels like nothing has changed. As I start this new journey with Kevin, I know that things will be different for Forrest and I. We'll have to balance my new family with our crazy shenanigans, but I know that no matter what happens in our lives we'll always have each other to come "home" to.

I'm so thankful for my friends. 
God has really blessed me with so many amazing people in my life, and I thank him everyday.

I'll post some pictures from the Fitness derby we competed in the day before we found out we were going to become a family in a later post. I feel like I should call some friends :)

Baby Sommer

Monday, September 10, 2012
Dear Baby,
 I often feel as if you are not real. It is as if I am reading a book of another woman's life, than living it myself. It is surreal to know that you have been created from the love that your daddy and I share, and in that.. you in all of your tiny, magical, and heartbreaking beauty have made me feel love that I never thought possible.
 The reality of you has been setting in in the past few weeks. We got to see you for the first time moving your tiny legs and arms, and watch your little heart beat. It was the best thing I have ever seen.
Mommy hasn't had any morning sickness, but you've made sure I don't eat any mushrooms (or even be anywhere around them!). I've been seeing more of a belly appear, and have been excited/a little scared to see a rounder belly grow.
Baby Sommer 9 weeks 5 days

 You are still joining me in my Crossfit workouts, making me take it a little bit easier than usual. I worry sometimes that I might be hurting you, but the doctors assure me that you're doing just fine. Daddy and I think you'll come out doing kipping pull-ups and handstand push-ups because of the Crossfit workouts haha. And from the looks of you in the ultrasound I'm starting to think we'll be right! I treat my workouts like training.. training for the first greatest moment of our lives- your birth. I promise to be as healthy mentally and physically as I can be for your arrival.

I love you little darling.

Hello, New Beginnings!

 In two weeks Kevin and I will be moving to Idaho. He is currently in the process of being Medically discharged from the Army, and we are very excited to start our new "Civilian Life" with his family and friends in Idaho. Kevin is originally from Boise so the support we will have once we get down there has eased my worries about expecting a baby in a new (to me!) state. I never thought I would live in Idaho! I had never even met anyone from Idaho before I met Kevin haha. After visiting Idaho a handful of times, I'm positive I will be easily adapt to life as an Idahoan. It reminds me a lot of Fairbanks, Alaska (where I am born and raised) except that it's much bigger (meaning there's much more to do!). In Idaho, you can be in the city and after a 20-30 minute drive in any direction you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and be in nature. Kevin and I share the dream of a quiet life in a cabin outside of Boise, doing the things we love with the ones we love. Now that we are going to be having a baby, that dream is closer than we could have ever imagined.  

Kevin during his last deployment in Afghanistan
Valdez July 2012 a few weeks before we found out that 
our little family of two would become a family of three..
Our second anniversary, right out front of chapel where we got married

First mirror picture!

Kevin's new truck- ready for the ride down to Idaho!

Standing on the edge of a cliff in Anchorage on a trip to see my two friends.
Little did I know I was carrying baby Sommer :) 

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