A Little Girl

Saturday, November 17, 2012
We had our anatomy scan ultrasound early this past week and while baby was all balled up and not moving for anything the ultrasound technician saw what she believed to be proof that our baby was a little girl!! 

Because she was so balled up the tech wasn't able to get all of the measurements she needed so we get a "bonus" scan! I think baby girl knew how much we love seeing her and took that position on purpose so we can get an extra peak :]
We go in three weeks from now and by then she'll be too big to curl up and we can get the rest of the measurements we need.

So what else has been going on? Me trying to fit into my non-maternity clothes comfortably! I'm fitting into my jeans with the help of hair ties (seriously, best advice EVER) and I'm starting to get creative with belting and layering longer shirts under sweaters. It's funny to pull on a shirt that was "bigger" on me before (and I never wore because of that but couldn't let it go) and have it fit me nearly perfectly! It's those moments that make me feel like I'm a "smart hoarder"... haha!

And dresses, of course, still work.
  (even though it gets chilly and we have to rush the pictures.) 

(and yayy for even being able to take pictures outside in November.. and in a dress no less!)

Oh and now I'm half way though my pregnancy! I have an application on my iPod that told me I deserved to go out and celebrate it, so I plan on going with my sister-in-laws to get my hair done and possibly a pedicure.
 (Just think, years from now I'll be going to get pedicures with my daughter!)

Baby Gear

Thursday, November 8, 2012
 Lately (between my exhausting tasks of making tea, working out, and cooking..) I have been peaking around on the internet reading reviews, browsing websites, and making "wish lists" of baby items. Since we won't know what we're having until early next week I have to force myself not to be getting to taken away by any sex-specific clothing, nursery items, and any other gear. So I focus mostly on gender neutral classic pieces. Here are a few picks:

A soft set in a beautiful light grey 
(by one of my favorite brands too!)
I've read nothing but great reviews about this brand.
These blankets will make great swaddles, light blankets, and light car seat cover.

Another pick from this great brand.
It's an electronic feeding diary, room temp. indicator, sound machine, nightlight and clock.
-All in ONE!
(oh and the star theme going.. totally not intentional!)

I have been swooning over this crib for quite some time!
The natural and white combo is so effortlessly cool and timeless.

I will be wearing the baby as often as possible.
(enter the baby kicking me!!! I think that's a "yes please" from the little one)
It's a no brainer for having to get stuff done around the house.

For the Nursery to keep baby healthy and happy. 
Might have to get one for myself soon to help with prego nose.

Great brand- comes with changing pad, wipe case, and lots of pockets. 
In a fun rugged material that's also dad friendly!

Baby Girl or Baby Boy?

Dear Baby Sommer,
 We will soon find out if you're a girl or a boy. It's something we've been wondering about since we first knew you were coming. I had a dream a few years ago where I was sitting on the edge of a bed in a room full of light holding you in my lap and you were a boy. Up until the other night I had thought you were a boy for sure, right after having another dream you were a boy.. I had one you were a little girl (in the same night!) You had dark blonde hair and big brown eyes, just like your mama. It was the first time I've seen your face in a dream, so I wonder what meaning, if any our dreams have in our reality.
 Lately I've been thinking about your chubby legs in pajamas, the way you might smell right after a bath, putting your little hands into tiny mittens, and your precious head (which may or may not have big ears that stick out.. thanks to daddy :]..) inside a tiny hat. It's been fun to think of what you're personality is going to be like and how you'll react to all these crazy people you will call family

18 Week Belly

 Whether we dress you in little sundresses or tiny ties I can't wait to have you in my arms.

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