End of the Year Update!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
I know that it's been awhile since I've blogged, but it's been a busy few months for our family. We've been house hunting, road triping, visiting with friends and family, and working on our passions and businesses. So here's an quick update on our little family while we're still in 2014!

Vivian has been talking a lot more! She understand pretty much everything we say to her and says a new word almost every day. She hasn't slept in her crib in MONTHS haha, but her wake ups have gone down to 2 or 3 a night. She is still nursing every few hours during the day, and for awhile I was having a hard time with it.. but I've recently chosen to enjoy this stage in our lives and if she wants to nurse every hour, I'm gonna enjoy every second of it. We got her off of her pacifier a little over two months ago and the transition wasn't too bad, but she definitely started nursing more so there was a trade off. We've recently started giving it to her at night again when I need a break, just to fall asleep then she spits it out. This decision was so hard after all of our hard work breaking the habit (she only had a pacifier to sleep anyways) but she didn't really completely ditch the habit, just replaced it with nursing haha. So if it gives me a little break at night, bring it on! We've always been a co-sleeping family but I would love to get her sleeping in her own bed/going to sleep before us so we can have some time at the end of the day to collect but again, I'm enjoying this time in out lives and not rushing or stressing to change it.

Kevin has been working hard, as always :). He went to a Crossfit seminar last month in Utah and Vivian and I got to tag along! It was our first road trip as a family of three and Vivian's first hotel stay. While Kevin was in his seminar Vivian and I explored Newpark in the freshly fallen deep snow. We ate pancakes, went swimming for the first time, and ran all over the hotel together. The drive was really easy and fun, it made me think about all of the long drives Kevin and I went on when we were still in Alaska. Vivian did really well during the 5 hour drive so I see a lot of road trips in our future! I'm really proud of Kevin for always wanting to be better. Be a better husband, father, and coach.. and it makes me want to be better.

My last blog post was about my doula workshop and I have since completed it, attended my first birth, and taken on a second client! I really love this work. It is so fulfilling and spiritually nourishing and I can't believe that I get to do this! I've been slowly getting my requirements completed for certification and am already looking forward to more certifications in the future. I've been building my doula business slowly (but surely!) since I completed the workshop. I've recently launched my Facebook page and have had a "soft opening" of my website. It's been nerve wrecking wondering if I'm doing all of this the right way. It wasn't until I realized that as long as I'm working from the heart, from a good place.. that I can't be wrong. I love this!

We've been looking for a house to buy for the past three months and while nothing is ever set in stone when you're buying a house until you have the keys in your hand, we found one! We're pretty far into the process and hopefully everything will be completed by the end of January. I'm sure this will have its's own blog post when the time comes :)

Our December has been so fun and filled with family, friends, and joy. Vivian was really into Christmas this year and has been a very good mommy to the baby doll she got haha. We want to thank everyone who thought of us this holiday season and know that we are so thankful for each and every one of you!

We hope that 2014 has been an incredible year for all of you and that the next year is even better!  Happy New Year!!

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