Hello, New Beginnings!

Monday, September 10, 2012
 In two weeks Kevin and I will be moving to Idaho. He is currently in the process of being Medically discharged from the Army, and we are very excited to start our new "Civilian Life" with his family and friends in Idaho. Kevin is originally from Boise so the support we will have once we get down there has eased my worries about expecting a baby in a new (to me!) state. I never thought I would live in Idaho! I had never even met anyone from Idaho before I met Kevin haha. After visiting Idaho a handful of times, I'm positive I will be easily adapt to life as an Idahoan. It reminds me a lot of Fairbanks, Alaska (where I am born and raised) except that it's much bigger (meaning there's much more to do!). In Idaho, you can be in the city and after a 20-30 minute drive in any direction you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city and be in nature. Kevin and I share the dream of a quiet life in a cabin outside of Boise, doing the things we love with the ones we love. Now that we are going to be having a baby, that dream is closer than we could have ever imagined.  

Kevin during his last deployment in Afghanistan
Valdez July 2012 a few weeks before we found out that 
our little family of two would become a family of three..
Our second anniversary, right out front of chapel where we got married

First mirror picture!

Kevin's new truck- ready for the ride down to Idaho!

Standing on the edge of a cliff in Anchorage on a trip to see my two friends.
Little did I know I was carrying baby Sommer :) 

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