Baby Sommer

Monday, September 10, 2012
Dear Baby,
 I often feel as if you are not real. It is as if I am reading a book of another woman's life, than living it myself. It is surreal to know that you have been created from the love that your daddy and I share, and in that.. you in all of your tiny, magical, and heartbreaking beauty have made me feel love that I never thought possible.
 The reality of you has been setting in in the past few weeks. We got to see you for the first time moving your tiny legs and arms, and watch your little heart beat. It was the best thing I have ever seen.
Mommy hasn't had any morning sickness, but you've made sure I don't eat any mushrooms (or even be anywhere around them!). I've been seeing more of a belly appear, and have been excited/a little scared to see a rounder belly grow.
Baby Sommer 9 weeks 5 days

 You are still joining me in my Crossfit workouts, making me take it a little bit easier than usual. I worry sometimes that I might be hurting you, but the doctors assure me that you're doing just fine. Daddy and I think you'll come out doing kipping pull-ups and handstand push-ups because of the Crossfit workouts haha. And from the looks of you in the ultrasound I'm starting to think we'll be right! I treat my workouts like training.. training for the first greatest moment of our lives- your birth. I promise to be as healthy mentally and physically as I can be for your arrival.

I love you little darling.

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