Vivian's First Christmas!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

They're not kidding when they say the Christmas becomes a million times more fun when you have children! (And our little love bug isn't even old enough to really know whats going on.. haha!) We spent Christmas eve at Kevin's Aunt Marilyn's house with his family. We had amazing stew and stayed super late laughing and talking.
When you first wake up on Christmas morning with a baby you don't even care that she was up every two hours because all you can do is be excited to put her in her Christmas dress! I kept telling her "Merry Christmas Vivian!" and she kept looking at me like I had lost my mind. 

We woke up and I put her in front of the tree so I could take some pictures of her beautiful sleepy head in front of the lights and I put on a DVD with the old Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer cartoon (you totally know which one I'm talking about!). At first it was just me and Vivian in the living room playing with her toys in our jammies. Then our my excited chatter finally drove Kevin out of bed and into the kitchen where he whipped up the fluffiest chocolate chip pancakes. 

Our family came over and we did the whole gift exchange deal. While Vivian didn't get as excited about ripping open a present as I thought she would, she did eat a small piece of wrapping paper when I wasn't looking.. Then we had a yummy roast for dinner and Vivian ate way too much potato!
After Kevin's family had gone home to sleep off the food and fun we Facetimed my Family in Alaska and Vivian got to open up a few more presents from my dad, step mom, and sister. At this point she was tired and so over the festivities but she was the sweetest and kept waving to them. 
Kevin and I haven't really gotten Vivian any toys since she's been born, and after this Christmas I don't think we'll need to for a long, long time. The girl is spoiled! She's the first grandchild for Kevin's parents and my dad so I guess it was expected!

 Every day I listen to the news and all of the bad things that happen and it makes me worry a lot but there is just something about the holiday season that never fails to make me all warm and soft on the inside and makes me think of all the good there is still in the world.
I felt so grateful this year and so loved. The amount of love and support that our family and friends have given us blows me away! This has been the best year yet.

This Christmas marked one of Vivian's last "first holidays". While that makes me all motherly and kind of sad that my baby is growing out of being a baby way too fast for my liking.. it makes me excited for all that still is ahead of us. 

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