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Thursday, January 30, 2014
I haven't been in the blogging mood lately due to an extra fussy teething baby. So I thought I'd do a quick post to update you guys!

Vivian- She's almost 10 months!! I can't believe how fast time goes (but I totally do believe it.. I mean don't mothers know that better than anyone else?!) She's getting really fast at crawling and is starting to pull herself up on everything. She even started cruising along the couch! She can wave, clap, and do this thing we call "the ET finger" where she points at someone then holds her little finger out until that person touches her finger with theirs (& its so cute it kills me!). She's babbling (bababababa!) but no real words are forming yet, although when she's really upset and Kevin has her she'll make a "mamama" sound until I take her, but I don't know if thats on purpose or not! She's regressed in her night time sleeping since the holidays ended (obviously she isn't ready for the party season to be over!) and sometimes she is up every hour for the first 4 hours then every 2/3 after that. Last night she slept for 4 hours straight and I woke up feeling way too refreshed, it was sad. She's starting to get her first (and second!) tooth, so its been a pretty crabby week in the Sommer house. She's still got her blue eyes and they're getting lighter. And her platinum blonde hair is starting to get longer! She's usually a happy baby but when she's not, getting out of the house it still the best way to clam her down.

Kevin- Oh what a hard working man my husband is! He's working 6 days a week for a fitness equipment store and teaching Crossfit classes. I'm super excited to finally be able to tell everyone that he officially has his own gym- Crossfit Rally Point! Its been in the works for quite some time, but with all the insurance paperwork and finding a name that Crossfit approved it took a lot longer than we wanted. But we're one step closer to getting things where we want them to be! They're running it out of the back of the fitness equipment store (Boise Fitness Equipment) and soon the store and the gym will be moving into a giant and pretty awesome space just down the road. I'm so excited for Kevin and all of the great people we get to train with because they deserve a nice BIG space for all of the muscle building and just plain awesomeness that goes on there. I hope to get certified to teach Crossfit and Crossfit Kids to help Kevin and the others out with the gym!

Me- Oh gosh..! Well I'm doing good, trying to remember to breath and center myself when we're going on hour 2 of crying with the baby. I taught myself to knit a month ago and I restarted the same scarf close to 100 times haha, but I was determined to make a nice one without holes. I do my best to make it into the gym 3/4 days a week and have been doing yoga at the house on the days I don't make it in. I've also been going to a hot yoga class a few times a week when I can get Kevin's mom to watch Vivian, and I love it. Its so mentally challenging and really forces you to listen to your body. Most of my days are spent playing with Vivian on the floor or rocking her to sleep because her mouth hurts too bad to put her self to sleep. I've also been trying to be more mindful, and get into the habit of practicing equanimity when I feel myself start to become overwhelmed/stressed/sad/frustrated crazy and I feel like I'm slowly starting to gain control of my mind. I started meditation at night when I'm about to go to sleep and I would like to do it more throughout the day. I can't wait for it to warm up a little bit here (I know my Alaska family and friends are rolling their eyes.. haha) because I really want to spend more time outside.

So there you have it- hopefully this can hold you over until that tooth makes its appearance!

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