Auntie Chelsey

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My little sister came to visit  us in Boise for the very first time this month and it was the BEST Christmas gift ever. I had so much fun having her here! I woke her up every morning before I had to go to work (which I know she LOVED) and got to spoil her a little. While I worked 5 hours a day she got to check out the BSU campus along with the rest of the little-big city of Boise 
(and who knows maybe she'll decide to spend some of her college life here after she finishes up in Alaska!). 

While she was only here for a few days I had the best time with her. Growing up you never guess that one day all the sibling rivalry and cat fights over missing clothes would grow into this unbreakable bond (and silly shenanigans that no one else could possibly understand!)

She made the board for 24 weeks.. 
and got to feel her little niece wiggling around for the first time!

And here are the pretty stellar cookies we made! 
(note to the wise, watch the spacing when laying cookies on the cookie sheet, we ended up with a mass of odd shapes)
My little sister is a PRO at decorating cookies, 
the girl watches way too much Cake Boss.

Bringing her to the airport was so hard, I just wanted to keep changing her ticket and have her here forever! But I know my dad needed one of his girls in Alaska for Christmas, so I had to send her off. 

You better be coming down as soon as spring semester is finished Chelly Belly! Little Vivian can't wait to meet her Aunt Chelsey for realsies!!! 

annnd for your viewing pleasure.. 
me, my baby, and my baby's daddy at 
25 weeks complete!

Board by Kevin
(after he saw how frustrated I was becoming with the chalk breaking 
and decided it was in the best interest of the board that he take over haha)

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