Baby Sommer, TAKE TWO!

Saturday, December 29, 2012
When we first went in to get the anatomy scan done on baby, we found out that she was most likely a girl and was taking a liking to yoga very early. She was so balled up that we couldn't finish the measurements so we got to make a second anatomy scan appointment (yay for getting to see baby extra!).
So earlier this month we went back in and and was told that she was still a "she" and everything was normal and healthy looking. 

At one point during the scan, I looked to Kevin with my adoring "look what love can do!" eyes and I missed her yawning!!! I was so heartbroken I missed it, but glad Kevin caught it. 
But just last night, I decided to check out the CD the ultrasound tech had given us with the new pictures she had taken of Vivian and saw that there were more videos then pictures! And although its only 5 seconds long, I got to see our baby girl yawn (being a fetus must be so tiring..).

This video starts mid-yawn. 
She is such a lady covering her mouth :]

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