What's in a Name?

Saturday, December 8, 2012
I always thought I had my future children's names all picked out and settled on.. then I got pregnant and suddenly I had no idea where to even start on picking out a name. Kevin and I would randomly toss out a name here and there, never really stressing out because we figured we had 9 months to decide haha!

I carry a note book in my purse with random notes, thoughts, and lists. One of those lists was a baby name list. We had a running list of both boy and girl names. From the beginning, boy names were easier for Kevin and I to come up with, but we never found "the one". When we found out baby Sommer was a girl I thought back to our small girl name list and knew we had quite the task on out hands.

I looked at online name databases and books. Read blogs on baby naming, read lots of unique baby names, old fashion baby names, classic baby names, and "never name your baby this" lists. Nothing really jumped out at us so we decided to put away the naming game and just see if something came to us. 

It wasn't until this past week when Kevin said one of my favorite names (that I had been fond of since Kevin was on R&R last summer) with my own middle name that something clicked for us.. and we thought that we had found the perfect name for our baby girl. 

 Vivian Alexandra Sommer

We love you so much already and know that you will be more beautiful than anything we could ever imagine.

*Also we get to see little Vivian again this week when we finish our anatomy scan, hopefully she isn't balled up this time!
 (and is still a girl haha)

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