Vivian at 16 Months

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My sweet girl is 16 (and a few odd weeks) old and things have been rough around here. There are plenty of moments when my skin hurts because she is so precious and I love her so much and there have times where I feel like I'm going to loose my everything.

"Want your pacifier? I don't like you to have it unless you're sleeping... but I am desperate!" 
Pacifier thrown at my face.

"Want some blueberries? Go ahead and walk around with them because it keeps you happy for ohhh… 2 minutes." 
Blueberries everywhere. 

When did my 16 month old suddenly start to act like a 16 year old? Sometimes when she's scream-crying while I'm trying to change the worst diaper of all time, I feel like I might join in on her song. 

We were having an awesome run about two months ago where she was a breeze to put down for naps and at night. When my baby (who never has been a good sleeper) only woke up once or twice a night AND put her self back to sleep! I was starting to find my groove (and my sanity!) as a mom. 

That was my first mistake.
 I got too comfortable and Vivian doesn't like it when I'm not on my toes. 

Things are finally starting to get better after a month or two of no naps and no sleep (for anyone)
While she's still hard to put down for naps- she does eventually take a good 1.5/2 hour long one.. most days.
While she no longer drifts off peacefully by her self at night- she only needs to lay with me and Kevin for a few minutes until she's out.
While she wakes up multiple times a night- she usually goes back to sleep pretty quickly when she's in bed with me. 

We regressed from what I thought was "perfect" to umm.. "not my idea of fun" 
So the universe and my daughter decided to teach me a lesson, perfect is what you make it.   

SO This is Vivian at 16 months:
4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth with 2 molars coming in painfully slow
Blonde as blonde can be barely-there-hair that neither curls nor is capable of being put in a pig tail
Nurses whenever mom needs a break from the crying
Probably eats too many blueberries and food pouches
Still uses a pacifier at naps and bedtime but recently whenever a melt down is occurring (for both her and me)
Doesn't sleep in her crib much and prefers to sleep cuddled with me (I melt when her little arm wraps around me)
Plays with iPhone apps when it's too early or too late for this mama to entertain her 
Drinks the pool water 
& is absolutely the most perfect little girl I could have ever imagined. 

I probably still complain too much and react too dramatically to things I have no control over (like mother like daughter?!) but I'm trying. I'm trying to roll with the punches, pick my battles, and not wish away these first few years and moments with Vivian because they'll be gone all too soon. 

16 months of being a mom has been oh so good for my soul.

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