Truthful Friday No.6

Friday, August 15, 2014
Happy Friday! Fridays always seem a bit better than any other day of the week because it means hubby isn't working as much and even has a whole day off Sunday! I'm a mom so I don't really have "weekends" but having some extra help around the house really.. helps me out! I usually pretty burned out by Friday mentally and physically from all of the working out that goes on during the week. So I'm all about weekends because it means wine, carbs, and maybe doing a little less house work! Haha
So with all the celebrating that usually comes with Thursday turning into Friday, I want to talk about how I've been trying to stop "working for the weekend" (yeah that song is stuck in my head now!).

It seems that for a lot of my life I have been waiting. I just wanted to finish school so I could "start" my life or I couldn't wait until summer, or fall, or winter… or spring! I kept waiting for the next thing instead of enjoying what has going on right now. I've talked about being present before (probably a few times now..) but sorry, I'm not sorry! I think that it's the biggest contributor to the unhappiness we create for our selves. 

We wish our way though our current situations thinking "oh I'd be so much happier if.." then flash forward to "if" and we're onto the next wish. While it's not bad to have goals, if you're not appreciating where you are now, you'll wake up one day with nothing. 

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. 

So I've been trying to treat everyday like its Friday. I know that it's the tiny seeds we plant in our everyday that grow into the huge garden that is our life. So everyone of those seeds deserves to be planted with attention, time, and love. 

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  1. love love this!! It is so true, happiness is truly a journey. And finding the joy in whatever we do is tough but necessary. Thank you for the reminder!


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