Anniversary Happenings.

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Another anniversary has come and gone (swoon!). I don't have much to say except that four years into this whole marriage thing and hubby is still surprising me!

Thursday was our actual anniversary and since Kevin doesn't get home until 7:30 we didn't want to go out since Kevin had to turn around and work the next day. We started the day at the gym (no surprise there haha) I lifted heavy weight and then Kevin went shooting with his friend (again, typical Sommers'!). I cleaned the whole house and made a batch of my double chocolate chip cookies that I haven't made since Vivian was tiny. Then me and Viv got fancy for our guy and I made baked ravioli and opened a bottle of wine. 

The baked ravioli is so easy and way too good! I made it for the first time Valentines day and again for out anniversary and it keeps getting better. Since I'm Italian I guess my love language is pasta and cheese ;) Kevin had flowers delivered along with chocolate (that maybe lasted 2 minutes before I gobbled it down) and a little bear (that Vivian claimed immediately).
Kevin got home and showered then we dug into the ravioli, cheersed to four years, and ate till our bellies hurt!

We then filled up a travel tumbler with some more wine and walked our little family of three down to the park where we watched Vivian wear her self out and took some anni. selfies. Vivian also had her first taste of cookie, she was a big fan!

We put Viv to bed and hung around watching a movie. 
It was a perfect day.

The next day was Friday so we decided to head out with just the two of us and take a drive. We stopped at a drive in and got salads and fries then headed to Lucky Peak to poke around. As all solo outings go we ended up at Hastings and bought some new movies to watch later that night. Vivian went to sleep SO easy after wearing her grandma and grandpa out for 3 hours and continued to sleep THE WHOLE NIGHT! So that was awesome since I can count on one hand how many times thats happened. 

I'm quite the charmer ;)

It was a great few days commemorating our fourth year of marriage and I can't wait to see what will happen next. 

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