T-Day Recap

Friday, November 29, 2013
  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a pretty low key day, spending half of it in comfortable clothes and hanging out around the house. I was baking all morning while Kevin watched Vivian. After I had made my (first!) apple pie and some double chocolate chip cookies I played with Viv while Kevin played Call of Duty (something he had talked about all week haha) until it was time for us to leave for Kevin's mom's house.  It was just us, his two sisters, and mother for dinner but it was so fun.

My first pie! I followed a friends recipe and it came out so good

This is the best picture we could get with little miss grump

  Vivian was pretty fussy most of the time, but we managed to get a few smiles from her. She is still working on getting her first tooth so I'm sure she was uncomfortable due to teething. But the most eventful part of our holiday was the rough time she we had the night before resulting in lots of tears and lost sleep. 
  We woke up at 2:30am to Vivian crying her poor little eyes out. She's had a cough the past few days, and I have a cold so we were pretty miserable already. I brought her to our bed and tried to comfort her with nursing but she was not having it. I was so tired and sick I wanted to cry! Usually I can nurse Vivian and she's out like a light within minutes, but I'm guessing her gums were aching so she didn't want to eat. So I thought a diaper change might calm her down enough to fall back asleep. I headed into her room and took off her diaper and cleaned her up, since she was still hysterical I thought she might be calmer if I finished diapering her in our room. I grabbed a fresh diaper and left her room. 
  So I'm in the hall way with a screaming baby with tears running down her cheeks…. and she pees on me. I was already so frustrated, clenching my jaw only wanting to go back to sleep! Just when I though my little bunny was done.. she started peeing again! It was then that I couldn't help but start laughing. It could have had to do with the delirious state I was in, but I could not. stop. laughing! Kevin came out of our room and looked confused and asked what I was doing. ("Oh you now, just standing here in a puddle of pee laughing my ass off while I look like a homeless person with my bun lopsided on my head..") I got myself under control and asked him to finish diapering her while I went and changed. 
  It wasn't until 4am that Vivian finally fell asleep. She still woke up a few more times but went back to sleep pretty easily. It was one of the worst nights we've had in a long time. While Viv was crying I tried to keep reminding myself of all the things I had to be grateful for. I'm glad that I can still laugh at myself and I'm grateful that I have a husband who helps me see the lighter side of things. 
Looking back on the night I can laugh because just when things were getting ridiculously frustrating- I got peed on.  And I remembered to not take things so seriously.  

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