Planning an Ugly Sweater Party

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Next month I'm throwing our first ( and hopefully!) annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party. To avoid missing out on having time to throw a party I've started making lists of food and drinks, decorations, and possible games for the party. Pinterest is where I'll be getting most of my ideas from and here are a few of my current inspirations!  

I plan on possibly doing something a little earlier in the day, so I'm planning brunch like buffet. I love the idea of french toast sticks in individual cups with syrup at the bottom! Doesn't seem like it would create as big of a sticky mess. I also want to make donut hole kabobs with fruit, and as I was typing that I got the idea of a donut christmas tree… Haha. 

We'll have a hot chocolate bar with various add-ons. Ill also freeze some whipped cream to put in the hot chocolate. Im still thinking of a way to have a good amount of milk heated (and keep it that way!) and ready. 

What's a party without some champagne?! Enter the mimosa bar. Since it's early in the day, fruit juice will make the champagne completely acceptable. 

I like the paper chains and the colors in this picture. I also plan on making a bunting banner with a Christmasy saying. I've been hoarding thoughtfully saving empty wine bottles to use for a craft for the holidays too, so that'll be finally happening. 

Ill probably have some Christmas music playing, or maybe a Christmas movie (Christmas Vacation anyone?). I plan on making a variety of cookies that our guests can fill up a paper big with as a party favor. So there's a lot to do but I think I can pull it off! I'm glad I decided to get an early start on this because just showering with a 7 month old is difficult most days, let alone throwing a party!

I'm super excited to have a party, especially one around the holidays. I love any excuse to get our family together! 

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