Holiday Excitement!

Saturday, November 16, 2013
First (Real) Snow of The Year
November 16, 2013

  I'm really looking forward to the holidays this year as they're Vivian's firsts! Although she won't have any idea of what's going on (for a few years), I can't wait for the extra family time and getting to watch her reactions to the hustle of the holidays! There are a few things that I'm especially excited for..

  Thanksgiving Dinner- Vivian has finally made a break though with Baby Lead Feeding and is starting to actually chew gum the food I give her. That means she's actually getting some food in her belly and not just on the floor and in her hair. I'm excited to be able to give her a few pieces of food off of my plate and see her reaction to it. Thanksgiving also means more family will be in town and a lot of them haven't met Vivian yet.

  Decorating for Christmas!!!- I haven't really decorated for fall/Thanksgiving because not too much goes on at our house (and I've been slacking on the crafting department in favor of naps). But I have made a list of all the things I plan on making for Christmas to make our home cheery and bright. I told Kevin that I was probably going to put the tree up before Thanksgiving so we can take our picture for Christmas cards but he basically told me that it was against the rules of the universe.. haha so looks like Ill be waiting until after Thanksgiving.

  Ugly Sweater Party- I have been wanting to throw a holiday party for awhile now. I wanted to throw a Halloween shindig but didn't have time to plan it. Since I was talking about an ugly sweater party last year and it didn't happen, it's totally happening this year! I've picked a date and have started making lists of food and drinks (I'll post more on the party planning later). I hope that it will turn into a yearly thing!

  My 23rd Birthday- I don't know why I'm so excited.. I think it might have to do with Vivian again, I remember taking a belly picture on my birthday last year and this year she'll be in my arms!

  Christmas.. duh!- I can already see Vivian's eyes watching people open presents. I'm hoping the sounds of ripping paper will make her giggle, not cry! Maybe Vivian will be crawling by then and she can navigate through the paper to her grandparents and aunts. I'm not sure what we're going to get her yet, but I'm going to start the tradition of 4 presents this year (1 thing she wants, 1 things she needs, 1 thing she wears, 1 thing she reads) I think its a pretty well balanced idea. When she's older I'm also going to have her pick some toys that we can wrap and give away. I'm going to make a big pancake breakfast the morning of before we head to meet up with family. I want to make it an extra special time of year since we'll be getting a bit more time with each other, so festive is my key word!

  The Littlest Things-  Mostly I'm excited for the small things… Seeing Vivian met new family, the smell of turkey and a good glass of red wine, the first time Vivian sees the Christmas tree, driving around to look at Christmas lights while Vivian sleeps in the back seat (haha is this too hopeful?!), and waking Vivian up on Christmas morning.

Vivian has been rolling everywhere lately! 
She also does this half craw/half slide on her head thing to get where she wants to go. 

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