Boise, Idaho- Update!

Friday, October 19, 2012
   We have lived in Idaho for almost 4 weeks now and I think we're settling in pretty well. We are staying with family while we look for a house (which has been exhausting, already!). We spend our days looking at houses online sent to our real estate agent, and occasionally going out to visit the ones we are interested in. I have been passing the time by working out, playing around with recipes in the kitchen, and reading daily updates from my baby apps. We have had lots of friends coming over and we've all hung out a few times including one volleyball day that left me with such sore forearms!
   Because I'm pregnant I will dedicate this paragraph to food; so far we have eaten at PF Chang's (my first time, and I loved it), Cafe' Ole (which is always on my mind now! I love burritos!), and a couple of local restaurants which were all great. I have also been ALL about pineapple for the entire time we've been here, Kevin even took a special trip to the store one night so I could have some.

   I'm in my 16th week of pregnancy and feeling great (although a little "fluffy"at times!) and I have my first doctors appointment since I've been here next week. I'm looking forwards to hearing that babies heartbeat again and setting a date for our next ultrasound when we'll hopefully get to find out if baby is a boy or girl! I'm really looking forward to being able to start gathering things for the baby and shopping will just be so much more fun when I know if I'm shopping for a he or a she.

 Overall we don't do too much yet as Kevin isn't officially out of the Army until November, but it is so nice to go through out the day looking at Kevin knowing that he will never again have to leave to go back overseas. Not one day goes by that I don't realize what a gift it is to have Kevin home and safe, and that we have gotten the chance to start a family. I can't begin to imagine what a great father Kevin is going to be.
I am a very lucky lady.

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