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Monday, November 3, 2014

I start my doula training workshop this week and couldn't be more excited! It's four days, 8 hours each day. It'll be the longest I've ever been away from Vivian (I've only ever been away from her for 6 hours!!). When I had found out about how long these daily sessions where I almost started thinking about not doing it because I couldn't think about possibly being away from Vivian that long. But this is my dream, and the time away from Vivian will be good for me not only because I'm so passionate about this but the past few weeks have been very trying for us. So a little break will be nice for the both of us, but I already can't wait to come home and nurse her! 

Kevin's mom is going to watch Vivian the first two weekdays that I am in the workshop. She was able to take work off and I am so relieved that Vivian will be with her Grandma who she already knows and loves so much. Then Kevin and maybe one of his sisters will take her for the last two weekend days. 

I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't nervous! I have had a few moments of doubt about if I can be strong enough to follow through with everything that is needed to start a successful doula business. I also worry about if I will be able to help a woman realize her dream birth, or support her emotionally if that dream isn't fulfilled. I have no business experience, so naturally that part intimidates me! But I know if I work hard and from the right place, ask for help when I need it, and remain focused my on my goals that I can do it. This is something I love, and when you're doing something you love.. how can you fail?

I'm excited to join the sisterhood that comes with becoming a doula. I'm joining thousands of women who come to the profession for many reasons, all unique and wonderful. I day dream about the day that I witness my first birth and the life changing energy that will fill the room. 

So send your good vibes to me this week while I take the first big step in my training to be come a doula!
 …and hope that Vivian is nice to her babysitters while I'm gone haha!


  1. Yeah Baby!! I linked you to a Momma on Facebook who is 38 weeks and looking for support : )

  2. oh that is going to be so amazing!!! i can imagine the first thought of leaving your little one for that long was probably terrifying! but gosh, it's so much better knowing she'll be with trusted loved ones! that's perfect! she will have a blast, and so will you, i hope!

  3. Bria, how exciting. Good luck on your journey. Do you have to work along side a seasoned doula before standing on your own?

    1. Hey, thank you! I am certifying thought DONA International and there are many things that I must to before they will "certify" me. I just wrapped up the training then next I have to order a packet with all of the rest of the requirements. I have to attend 3 births as a doula, and sometimes women can get to go as a "ride along" but its rare. The training I attended taught us comfort measures, ethics, emotional support tools, ect. So we can start attending births as soon as we feel comfortable to meet our requirements!


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