Wednesday, June 4, 2014
I'm on day 3 of my social media cleanse and it's been nice to get a break. I already feel less busy mentally and I haven't really had the urge to check in to see what everyone else is doing (but no one get engaged or pregnant before I come back, okay?!). I thought I'd be having "withdrawals" but its been pretty easy. 
Other then my absence from FB/IG things have been pretty routine around here- I've been going to Crossfit (twice yesterday!) and had a play date with my friend Allison and her sweet son. As if just spending time with them wasn't cheering up enough, Allison brought me flowers! I tell ya, if she wasn't already married I'd wifey her ;)

Vivian mooching off of Uriah's Bagel ;)

Last night after dinner I headed out to water my plants and took Vivian with me, as usual. When I was finished Vivian wasn't ready to head inside so i just sat down in lawn chair and watched her play. She was picking up her little cups and dipping them into her kiddy pool and dumping the water out all over herself. The sky was pretty amazing too, right before it started getting "dark" it was the softest blue leading into pinks and oranges where the sun was setting. You could see the moon, a crescent and while staring at it.. I felt so grounded. I thought about the earth spinning around the sun and the moon spinning around us and how I was in that chair occupying such a small space in the grand picture of it all, and here I was just watching this little girl splash around in her diaper. I felt humbled and peaceful when I started to tear up at the awesomeness of it all. 

I didn't feel the need to run inside and get my camera. 
I was just present &
I soaked in every second of it.


  1. And I would wifey you right back, gorgeous momma!! Loved this sweet post - those moments are the absolute best!

  2. So good to just soak it all up!! We tend to forget that part of life is living it.
    Hope this cleanse brings you everything you need.


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