Vivian's 1st Birthday!

Monday, April 7, 2014
We had the best weekend, I never wanted it to end! But let me tell you.. I was so emotional! Luckily the my-baby-is-so-big so now-Im-going-to-cry and feel-sorry-for-myself feeling went away by 6pm Friday and then I was just so happy and excited about how amazing this first year has been.  
Since her actual birthday was Friday we started the birthday festivities that morning. She started out with a nice long nursing session (btw, I'm so stoked about making it to 1 year of breastfeeding! It's been  one of my goals since I found out we were having a baby) then I let her open a present from my Mom. It was a book with these adorable illustrations and made me cry when I read it to her later (thanks Mom! Because I wasn't emotional enough..!). Then I made some whole wheat crepes topped with peanut butter, banana, and blueberries. Vivian eats everything I give her but she wasn't feeling the crepe and ate around it until I put some no sugar added apple sauce on it then she scarfed it down! 

Then we got dressed and took a few pictures. Vivian made me work for these! I had to bribe her with puffs for half of them then nurse her again to get the rest haha. I have a feeling its just going to get harder and harder to get pictures of her as she starts walking around more. 

She went down for a nap and my sister-in-law came over to hang out and play with the birthday girl once she woke up. 
When she left me and Vivian played and picked up the house a little then headed to the park to wait until everyone came over and Kevin got off work. 

We had pizza (none for Vivian, yet!) and I made a cupcake version of her cake for her to dig into & I had my dad and step-mom on FaceTime while we sang to her. 
Then we opened up some presents and once again I was reminded of how spoiled this little girl is haha! The big hit of the day is this small "walking" dog my step-mom got her, obviously she loved it!! She was giving it kisses all night :)

(not a great picture, but her face is the BEST!)

Saturday we had her party and so many of our friends and family members came! My friend Allison came with her hubby and little boy Uriah and our other friends brought their niece so we even had some babies.

She was crazy about the cake I made her and that was a relief because she wasn't really into the cupcake Friday night. I chose to make her cake without any artificial sugar or white flour, and the frosting was made with only cream cheese, apple sauce and vanilla. When things didn't go as I expected the night before, some part of me wished I had given in and just got her a regular cake. But she was in the party spirit Saturday and just destroyed her cake! She would have sat there and finished the whole thing if I had let her. Kevin even went over and started digging in ;)

She did so well with all of the guests considering we don't get out and around people too often. She even got up and did some walking to show off! It was such a fun day and the last handful of people didn't leave until close to 9:30. 

I have had the BEST year ever being a mom. I love watching Vivian grow and learn and she has helped me to do the same. 
Thank you to all of our friends and family near and far- you all have helped us in so many ways and have made Vivian's first year so wonderful!

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