Wednesday, March 26, 2014
I've said before that mothers are the ones who truly know the meaning of the saying "time flies". We really are the keepers of time. It's bittersweet as your newborn becomes a baby and your baby become a toddler, all within a year! But I look forward to all the fun that comes with having a toddler and watching Vivian learn and grow even more.

Vivian and I were walking with her old lady walker on the side walk yesterday and a woman came around the corner and Vivian waved, naturally :) the woman had a big ol' round baby belly and I knew  what she was doing. I know because I was doing the same thing exactly one year ago, long walks to Barber Park to help get my baby out! Seeing this woman, and chatting about her baby's late (3 days over due!) arrival and the hospitals procedures made me feel very nostalgic. 

It made me really appreciate the amazing things our bodies are capable of and how wonderful the gift of life is. 
Life.. it really comes full circle and just keeps on moving. 

Of course I have crazy baby fever now, too! I mean, I have had it for months now (probably making me certifiably crazy as I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in a year!). But there is just something so natural and wonderful about being pregnant and having a baby, it truly is the best thing I have ever done and probably will ever do. While I definitely want to be able to experience it all again (and again, and again haha) I really want to just enjoy this time I have with Vivian, with just us two. 

Since Vivian wasn't exactly planned (hey! the best things in life often aren't) I think it would be fun to try things the old fashioned way for baby number 2. So until we get to that point in our lives I'll just be soaking up my little Vivian and our little family of three. 

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