Thoughts on Motherhood- 6 Months

Monday, October 28, 2013
  Here we are, 6 months in on this grand adventure of motherhood! I know every parent on the planet has said at one point on their lives "where has the time gone?!", or "treasure every moment because it all goes by so fast!". Well.. it might be clich√© but it's also so true! It's hard to believe that Vivian has been here for 6 (almost 7!) months. The experience has been more incredible than I could have ever imagined. I have felt emotions I never thought possible and realms of sleeplessness I didn't know existed! To commemorate this half-year milestone I thought I'd blog my thoughts of motherhood thus far..

  Sleep isn't as important as you think..

 (Oh, but it's wonderful when it happens!)

  Vivian has never been much of a sleeper at night. I think the longest stretch she's done is 6 hours and thats only happened twice. Lately she's up 4 or more times a night but we're in the process of helping her learn to soothe her self when she wakes up hoping that one day this momma will be able to get sleep in stretches longer then 2 or 3 hours! 
  For awhile I was finding myself so frustrated in the mornings. I felt so bad for being grumpy around Kevin when he was just leaving for work and being not so patient with Vivian first thing in the morning. That's all changed the past week when I realized that there are some moms who are up every hour multiple times a week with their babies and Vivian has only done that once or twice when she was a new born. I also think of what a miracle babies are and that there are so many things that could go wrong and how lucky we are to have a healthy little girl. So my 2/3 hours are nothing to complain about. 
  I hold on to the idea of sleep and that one day I'll get a solid nights rest, and until then I wont complain about a lack of sleep or let it effect any minute with Vivian. 

Every One is Someone's Baby

  Having Vivian has made me appreciate my parents more than I ever have. I think about Vivian talking to me the way I've talked to my parents sometimes and I shudder! Or if she ever comes home later than she was told to and how much worry and fear I'll have that something happened to her. It really puts the world into perspective- thinking of every person you see as someones baby boy or girl. There's so much love and time a parent puts into their child and then they watch them take off into the world on their own. It makes me so sad to see and hear about bombings and murders or suicides because I think of the parents and what a heartbreaking experience it must be to lose a child. So if anything, becoming a mother has made me have a more compassionate and empathetic outlook on the world. 

Live in the Moment

  Its so easy to get caught up in the past and to worry about the future. Now add the distractions of modern day technology and where are you? Not where you're supposed to be, present. I've been making a point of leaving my phone in the other room while Vivian is awake and just play with her when she's up. A lot of times that means I miss calls from friends and family or the kitchen stays dirty half of the day, but it also means that I'm taking in as much as possible from my time with Viv while she's little. Because one day before I know it, I'll be dropping her off around the corner from her school because she doesn't want to be seen with her mom. Haha

Which kinda leads perfectly into....

Whatever it is, it Can Wait

  Because what's more important than that? 

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  1. Bria- As a new mommy, this post rings true on so many levels. Especially how becoming a parent can change your perspective on the world. I'm usually not much of a sappy person; however since having my son, other people's tragedies and misfortunes tug at my heart strings heavily. Life is so precious, and that's something I'm constantly reminded of now that I have a child.


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